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Look. I don't want to offend anybody, but I'm going to say it like it is.

When you strip away the thin veil of societal programming and get down to the root, there really are only two Primary Foundations of Human existence: SEX and VIOLENCE.

Sex creates life, and after you are born, Violence is what determines and controls human life.

Yes, it really does come down to that.

Men have been killing men since the beginning of human existence, from Cavemen to Cain and Abel, to World Wars, to the everyday street violence we see in modern society (that's gotten so bad since 2020 they're killing cops on the street in broad daylight!)

Even civilized society is kept by Violence.


If you run a Stop Light guess what – a man with Violent Power (a Cop with a gun) will stop you, as he should.

And more importantly, if you are not aware of the nature of Violence and it’s pervasive hold on every aspect of human life, you are an Ostrich with you head in the sand waiting to be impaled.

So let’s be clear about it right here and now. If you are human being living on planet Earth...

Violence Is Inescapable, and the Only Way to Survive and

Live Powerfully is to Know and MASTER VIOLENCE


If the very thought of violence makes you shudder in fear like a frightened schoolgirl, or if you think you can handle a real street attack simply because you go to the gym and grapple around a bit, you should read no further.

Enjoy your life of FEAR, Ignorance and Militant Mediocrity.

On the other hand, if you want the kind of information that is only available to the elite - and you listen to what I have to tell you now, you can soon become a more Powerful, Effective, and DEADLY person in your own right.

If you think I'm kidding, you are wrong. DEAD WRONG.


So listen up, because I am very busy and I do not have time to chit-chat. I'm going to give you the facts, and what you do with them is up to you.

I have a very simple question for you:

Do you really think what you're learning at your dojo or gym would actually work if you were in a real fight with gang-banging street thugs?

And, do you really think you could handle 2 or 3 hardcore attackers at once?

Get Real!

The stuff they're teaching out there in the Dojo's and MMA Sports-Gyms are great for a physical challenge and a good workout, but when it comes to PAIN, DAMAGE and DEATH - they don't teach that realistically at all!

There, I said it.

I'll brace myself for a sh*tload of hate-mail from strip-mall McDojo franchisees, sports gyms, and camo-clad combat gurus. But I don't give a damn what they say. The truth is the truth whether they like it or not.


They CAN'T teach this stuff .... because most teachers and coaches don't truly KNOW it!


There are Three Reasons (you might want to sit down before you read this): 

Reason # 1

Because they came up in a karate-school franchise with it's pretty little rainbow of colorful belts, bowing, and rote memorization of watered-down "techniques" and organized "kata" movements.

Hey, don't get me wrong. I love that stuff. It's great. I take my kid to karate school. It's good for coordination and self-discipline and lots of other personal benefits. Heck, it's a genuine Art form! But... 

The Only "Art" in a Real Street Attack Will Be the BLOOD, SKIN and TEETH Smeared and Scattered All Over The Pavement! ... Hopefully Not YOURS!

Reason # 2

They came up in the ring with it's rules, regulations, and judges. They might be physically tough and fairly proficient, but heck so is just about ANY active sports athlete.

Reason #3

Their Fight Game has not EVOLVED.

For the record, I don’t think we evolved from monkeys. I’m old-school and if you and I disagree on that, no big deal, I respect your opinion.

But one thing neither of can deny and I know we can both agree on, is that…

Technology and Human PHYSICAL Ability EVOLVE

It’s easy to see the evolution of Technology. Just go from the first car, the Ford Model-T, to the latest Mazarati or Tesla. Not to mention these smart phones we all hold in our hands every day.

And it’s the same with Human Physical Ability.

No one in recorded history had ever broken running the 4-minute mile.

Then on May 6th, 1954 Roger Bannister broke it.

Now it’s commonplace, and as a result of that breakthrough, the record continues to be broken. And it’s the same thing with another Human Physical Ability…

Physical Violence

Bruce Lee changed the game in the early 70’s. He was the first major “Mixed Martial-Artist” and his impact on Martial Arts and Human Ability in general was Revolutionary.

The Gracies changed the BJJ game in the early 90s. I could go on for quite awhile, but I think you get my point.

The next evolutionary step of Human Physical Violence is here, today, right now and you are looking at it.

It’s called MASTERY of Violence.

Yes, “Mastery.”

You see, you don’t just need to know about it. You need to KNOW it.

See the difference?

And you need to know it so damn well that it is instinctive and you don’t have to “Think” About It (Thinking slows you down in a fight and can get you KILLED!)

Make sense?


Listen. I don't care how fit you are and how tough you look rolling around with your buddies on a nice SOFT gym mat - the street is NOT the mat - it has no rules, no regulations, and it's NOT soft!

Your Attacker - just by nature of Attacking YOU - is not bound by rules and regulations.

He isn't worried about pleasing judges or losing points... 

He won't wait for a referee to tell him to stop...

He will LAUGH at you when you try to "tap out" or beg him to stop.... 

He doesn't give a damn about the law, or hurting... and possibly even KILLING you. 

Pavement is NOT Soft, and the Only Rules of Street Reality are

PAIN, DAMAGE, or DEATH - and  who can DELIVER them

Faster, Accurately, and More Powerfully!

If you're training that way in nice little dojos and gyms on nice soft mats with "nice-guy trainers" (and let's be honest, you probably are), and you don't have this information I'm about to share with you, you are Walking Prey.... and the Predators out there have a huge advantage over you.

But it doesn't have to be that way anymore...

Russell Stutely, the World’s #1 Pressure Points Fighting Authority, and Revolutionary Martial Arts Legend Scott Bolan have combined their 50+ years of training, teaching, and real-world experience through a crucible of exhaustive research to discover a powerful breakthrough…

A breakthrough so powerful and dynamically vital that it will change lives of Warriors like you forever, and more importantly, save lives.

Now you don’t have to spend years or even months rolling around on the mat with some sweaty guy or kicking the air and shouting “Kiai!”

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff. It’s great for Self-Perfection. But what we are talking about here is…


THIS is the one degree of difference that other teachers are missing, the gap, the “Blind Spot” in Martial Arts that separates Mastery from Mediocrity, and now it can be YOURS.

Now is your chance to get the "how-to" Hidden Secrets of Violence Mastery that only street criminals, gang-bangers, freaked-out meth-heads, and prison-toughened thugs, law enforcement (the guys whose day-job is actually fighting violent savages), and a few world-class fighting champs know about. 

Hidden Secrets like.... 

• How to Spot Their Weaknesses (they can't hide!) to Give You an "in" to quickly destroy them 

• How To STOP Take-Down's (never get taken to the ground by anybody)

• "Show" vs. "Go" - what looks good vs. what actually WORKS! (they lose, you win)

• SUBMISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Secrets of Building Your Mind and Body Fortress

• Facing a Bigger, Stronger Attacker: YOU Make the Calls - SLAM HIM DOWN and Stay on Your Feet!

• Learn to "See Without Seeing" (your opponent will be blind!)

• Keys to Move Like a Panther: Be Light, Quick, and Prepared

• Improve YOUR Takedowns 100%

• Astonishing Ways to Improve, whether you're a Beginner or Seasoned Pro!

• The Secret 7: Pressure Points that NO-ONE can withstand

• Control and DOMINATE Other People - and Take Them Out With Ease

• Quickly align and position your body to deliver Torpedo-like POWER that will KNOCK-OUT any-sized attacker

• Watch The Subject Squeal Like a Pig! (caught live) Your attacker will RUN like a girl when you use this LIVER pressure point

• Bitch-Slap your attacker silly, restrain him, or Destroy him if necessary

• Whenever You Need It: Instant Triggers (that work!) for the Confidence You Need to Extricate Yourself From Bad Situations

• How to Make Pressure Points work for you at ANY time, against ANYONE! (you don't even have to be accurate!!!)

• The "Cycle of Destruction" - Gives You Ultimate Power Over Your Opponents

• You're on the Ground being KICKED IN THE FACE by a pack of thugs: here's Exactly  What To Do to quickly get back up and, turn the tables and put THEM down

• How a Skinny Computer-Geek Nerd went to near-MASTERY in record time (and you can too)  ...you'll SEE IT FOR YOURSELF LIVE in these all-new Videos!

And there is so much more, I would have to write another 30 pages just to outline it all here.

The Most Imporant Thing Is This: MASTERY OF VIOLENCE Covers Every Aspect Of Physical Violence, Filling in the Dangerous "Blind Spots" that "Mechanical" Systems,

"Style Loyalists" and Even Street Fighters All Have,

Giving YOU The Ultimate Advantage!

And, the hard parts already done.

You see, this was put together by two of the greatest martial arts trainers living today for any honest person who wants to become more Powerful and Formidable in their own right and Dangerous to any attacker.... regardless of your level of experience or fitness.

The only requirement is that you are Adult of normal health and good character.

Now it's time for you to meet these men who will teach you directly in this New-for-2023 next-level Martial Arts course...


- World-recognized genuine Martial Arts Master, elite fighter, author, and Europe's leading Authority on Pressure Points 

- Recipient of Martial Arts Instructional DVD of the Year Award (SENI - Europe's largest Martial Arts Trade Show)

- Regular Columnist for dozens of top Martial Arts Publications including Combat and Martial Arts Illustrated 

- OCFM International Coach 

- Combat Hall of Fame 

- World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 

- 6th Dan Karate Jutsu – Recognized by the BCA (The UKʼs leading Self Defense Group) 

- Russell has dozens of raving testimonials from officers in multiple law enforcement agencies around the world


- Worldwide Bestselling Author and Speaker

- Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee – Author of The Year

- Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee – Multi-Discipline Black Belt of The Year

- Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee – Life Achievement Award

- Who’s Who In The Martial Arts inductee and Hall of Honors Legends Award 

- Advanced Close Quarters Combat Trainer, Certified Law Enforcement Continuum Trainer, Jeet Kune Do Full Instructor, Atemi Jitsu Black Belt, Kenpo Black Belt, Shito Ryu Black Belt, NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer

- Scott has raving testimonials from around the world and has empower thousands of people from all walks of life from Hollywood Celbrities to Law Enforcement, Soldiers, Athletes, High Achievers in Business, and people just like you.

I could also write an entire book on Russell Stutely and Scott Bolan each, and it would be an actual Encyclopedia of several hundred pages of Martial Knowledge and Maximum Destruction to the Human Body of an Attacker.

These guys ARE the Best.


And now they're going to download into your brain their most powerful and evolved violent knowledge.

You get to personally pick their brains for your own knowledge arsenal and benefit from their years of experience!

Look. Effective street-reality self-defense is for everyone. Not knowing this is simply irresponsible. And even if you really can fight… Only a fool is done learning and improving.

That's why they've assembled the all-new 12-DVD (Streaming, Download, and Hard Copy) MASTERY OF VIOLENCE Super-Course in a way that makes it Easy to Learn, so you don't need to waste any time with useless drills and esoteric nonsense...

....Ever had a "why the heck am I doing this" moment?

Not with these new Videos!

They'll are pure useful content, shown and explained in an easy-to-learn way so that even a 3rd grader could understand it, yet a rocket scientist would still love it.

No matter where you are on your martial path - a first-day beginner or multiple-black-belt holder and MMA champ - this will be an absolute Goldmine for you.

So here's the deal my friend, I promise you: I'm going to offer you the greatest deal you have ever seen.

The only thing is, it's available for a few days.

Remember how I said I do not have time to chit-chat?

I like to reward those who know a good thing when they see it, and move quickly. I don't have time to constantly beg and bother to take action and get something that can change your life.

Is that fair enough?

You're damn right it is.

So let's do the math: 

All 12 DVDs in this course now retail for 794.00 hard copy + digital or 694.00 digital only. The information is powerful and elite, it's not available at your local wal-mart, video store or karate school and gym supply.

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Free Bonus #5 (just added!)

ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE  (worth 97.00) A top expert in Safety, School Shootings, Self-Defense and Terrorism joins Scott Bolan in a one-on-one discussion with life-saving tips and what to DO when the shooting starts!

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Life-Or-Death: Weapon Retention and Knife and Handgun Disarms (worth 97.00) The title speaks for itself. Filmed live at one of Scott and Russell's elite events, you will learn just as the Cops and Soldiers did who were there!

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Forge Your Body and Mind as a Living Weapon.

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and Your Loved Ones.

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